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    1. AdventureTeamJoe

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Couple of Walther 10 round mags for a PPQ M2 subcompact.
    2. AdventureTeamJoe

      Shows with Indiana mentioned in them...

      Remember the Night.....a 1940 Christmas movie starring Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck.
    3. AdventureTeamJoe

      Sig P320 X10

      Saw the new Sig this past Monday. Felt very good in the hand. Quite a bit heavier than the 4.6" Smith I compared it to. $899 for the X10 vs $649 for the M&P.
    4. AdventureTeamJoe

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Throw lever for a Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6. What a difference such a simple item makes.
    5. AdventureTeamJoe

      So, when do you think your time is up?

      I have a small, laminated card I carry which sums up my feelings pretty well. Wish I knew who to credit this to. The clock of life is wound just once And no man has the power To tell when the hands will stop At late or early hour To lose one's wealth is sad indeed To lose one's health is more...
    6. AdventureTeamJoe

      Your Favorite cheap Handgun that everyone else thinks is Junk and makes fun of.

      FEG PA-63 in .380 given to me by my late FIL. As his memory failed late in life, he alternately referred to it as either a Makarov or PPK. I knew what he meant.
    7. AdventureTeamJoe

      Sporting Clay - Shotgun

      Great thread. Was in the OP's position a year ago and so much of the conversation is spot on.
    8. AdventureTeamJoe

      WTB: Beretta 682 Gold E 12ga

      Looking for Beretta's older 682 Gold E. 30" or 32" barrel preferred would consider 28". A long shot, I know, but can't hurt to ask.
    9. AdventureTeamJoe

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      60 rounds of Hornady 240 grain XTP .44 Mag.
    10. AdventureTeamJoe

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Picked up a stainless Ruger M77 Mk II chambered in .223 with Leupold 3-9x40 scope. Seems destined to be son's birthday present.
    11. AdventureTeamJoe

      Winter Gun Projects 2022

      My FIL passed away just prior to Thanksgiving so the winter has been spent identifying and caring for the small number of firearms he left behind. It's safe to say he was a fan of wood and steel.
    12. AdventureTeamJoe

      Do you own a firearm chambered in .22LR?

      Still own the Marlin Model 60 Dad bought for my brother and I in 1984. Still in great shape and very accurate.
    13. AdventureTeamJoe

      New SW1911 E Series Magazine Question

      No issues to report with my E Series mags. Makes me think I should put a few more rounds down range just to make sure. This would be for purely academic reasons, of course:cool:
    14. AdventureTeamJoe

      S&W 686 Trigger Refinishing

      It's a newer 686 so the trigger is MIM.
    15. AdventureTeamJoe

      S&W 686 Trigger Refinishing

      Fine steel wool is a good place for me to start. Staying away from a Dremel for now.
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