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    WTS: Century C308 (HK91 Clone) .308

    I'm getting out of the .308 game, moving to creedmoor. WHAT: Century Arms C308 DESCRIPTION: .308 caliber, Ten 20rd mags, one 5rd mag. Minimal wear/tear as I try to take care of my stuff. Some mags are surplus though. LOCATION: Fort Wayne, IN but willing to travel some. PRICE...
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    WTS: VLTOR AK Buttstock Adapter with Buttstock

    WHAT: VLTOR AK Stock adapter/tube with buttstock DESCRIPTION: Fit non-slanted AK receiver. Comes with buttstock shown. Mfg link is LOCATION: Ft Wayne, but can ship. It's light, so cost shouldn't be much PRICE: $70 obo SOLD
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    WTS: WTS: Hornady 308 Swage Tool for LNL AP

    WHAT: Hornady L-n-L AP Primer Pocket Swage Tool (308 variety) DESCRIPTION: This fits a progressive press to swage out crimp on the primer pocket if you guy once fired military brass. LOCATION: I'm in Ft Wayne, price is shipped or you can pickup locally PRICE: $40
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    WTS: RCBS FL Die set for 7.62x54R

    WHAT: RCBS die set for 7.62x54R (Full Length set rather than Neck sizer set). Included a 2nd neck sizer that measures .305 LOCATION: Fort Wayne, IN. PRICE: $25 shipped
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    Can you use Standard load data for polymer coated reloading?

    I've recently found Eggleston munitions & Missiouri Bullet company which sell polymer coated bullets pretty cheap. I haven't seem anywhere if you are just supposed to use the standard load data in a manual or to specifically use cast/gas checked load data. Anyone have experience using these...
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    WTS: AK Collapsable buttsock & Damage Ind Handguard

    What: Tapco T6 AK buttstock adapter with RRA buttstock Where: Fort Wayne, IN Price: $30 shipped What: Hogue AK Grip Where: Fort Wayne, IN Price: $20 shipped (spf to GenTattoo) What: Damage Industries AK handrail with 2 rail sections Where: Fort Wayne, IN Price: $80 shipped (spf to...
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    WTS: ProMag 10rd mag for Taurus TCP $10 shipped

    What: ProMag 10rd magazine for Taurus TCP .380acp Where: Ft Wayne, IN Price: $10 shipped via USPS Why: Sold the Taurus a couple months ago, found this magazine today.
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    NFA Trust & Suppressor purchase. Did my CLEO make a mistake

    I ran into an issue that I'd like to know if my local Police/CLEO isn't following the rules correctly. 1. I had a lawyer create a trust for me. 2. I then purchased a suppressor from ProFire in Indy who gave me all the paperwork needed to send in 3. I got 2 passport sized photos from...
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    WTS/WTT: Taurus TCP 738 Ft Wayne area

    WHAT: Taurus TCP 738 pistol. This 380 does lock back on the last shot. 2x factory 6rd mags, 1x Promag 10rd extended mag The middle mag has the pinky rest baseplate and the flush baseplate is below it. Factory box. I have two used holsters that I'll include if you want them. DESC: .380 ACP...
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    WTS/WTT: TacCon 3MR trigger

    WHAT: TacCon 3MR with single side (non-ambi) right-hand selector LOCATION: I'm located in Fort Wayne, IN. We can work out shipping/travel if needed. PRICE: $300 obo shipping included TRADES: Threaded .22LR would be great. Love the 10/22 takedown threaded and M&P22 pistol threaded. I'm...
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    WTS/WTT: Texas Weapon Systems DogLeg rail & rear peep sight

    Location: Fort Wayne (North East Indiana) Cash Price: $125 SOLD I have a TWS AK rail & rear sight combo that I'd like to sell or trade, no not want to split up the two parts. I'll be getting pics up soon hopefully. I can tell you that it co-witnesses when using a Bushnell TRS25 red dot...
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    DIY: Ruger 10/22 Ext Charging Handle

    If you're looking at buying a charging handle, you may want to try this before spending the $20+ on a new one. Items Needed: 1 spent .40sw or larger casing JB Weld 1 stock 10/22 charging handle. How to do it: 1. Disasseble your 10/22 & remove the charging handle assembly. 2. Clean &...
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    WTS: Mako 870 railed handguard

    What: Mako PR-870 handguard for Rem870 Where: Fort Wayne, IN Price: $30 shipped SPF to KoopaKGB Trades: Ammo in 223, 762x39, 9mm, 40sw, 45acp small 380 pistol small rifle primers Bolt/Lever .22lr if you think of something else to trade, PM me.
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    WTS: Yamaha DTXreme III electronic drumset

    What: Yamaha DTXtreme III electronic drumset Drum Pads: Snare pad, bass pad, 4x tom pads Cymbol Pads: HiHat, Ride, 3x crash pads Equipment: 3-sided rack, 4x cymbol booms, 1x HiHat stand, 1x Bass pedal, 1x Snare stand, throne. I'm including a set of Altec Lansing speakers that I used for...
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    DIY 223/556 Bandolier cardboards

    I did some searching online but never found good plans so now that I've created one I figured i'd post it. I used cardstock that I found on clearance but here is the measurements. I could reduce the two large sides by 1/16 and they may pack a little nicer but these measurements work. Also, I...
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