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    • Thanks for the rep. He is lucky he didn't end up incarcerated but instead decides to brag about his stupidity on INGO. :facepalm:
      Thanks for the rep! I believe that it is a huge testament to Liberty's patience that he did not drag that moron from Carmel to Jeffersonville with his ankles tied to the back bumper. In the grand scheme of things, denial of the obvious truth without the malicious prosecution seems pretty minor!
      I kinda guessed that right, unfortunately. I've seen some get shooter'd for less. Thanks for the rep.
      I don't know if he meant to word his post the way he did on purpose or not... But I guess why it gets me is when I sold 2 cars this past spring time, people would use the excuse "You've had this out here for 2 weeks" or it's a cash offer for half the value. I'll be the first to admit I am not in real estate, but 4 months on the market doesn't seem terribly long/bad to me either.
      When he tosses one up slow and over the plate, I couldn't just let it go. His comments in the Israel threads are just ignorant. He confuses what is just ideological bias for truth and then accuses everyone who doesn't agree with his ideology, biased. WTF? It's opinion. We're all biased. I don't care what he believes but when he starts snarking like he owns the truth, then it matters.
      LOL. I just enjoy tweaking those RP fanatics sometimes. It hearkens back to memories of the heated exchanges from prior election cycles . Good times.
      I just got the 'too much rep' scold. You did such a fine job of playing 'pin the tail on the jackass'! Who knows, maybe one of these days the boy will pay attention and learn something.
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