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    1. 71silverbullet

      List Your 10mm

      Yes. I sent it to AllenM to let him ceracoat it and work his magic. The other 1911 is a custom built by Allen as well.
    2. 71silverbullet

      List Your 10mm

      I bought it because I was trying to get every 10mm revolver that Smith and Wesson made. I have all but one. The last one is proving difficult to find and afford. It's a special run for Lew Horton, less than 300 made. So I've given up on it.
    3. 71silverbullet

      List Your 10mm

      I love it. Especially since I had my eye surgery and I can see the red dot now. Lol
    4. 71silverbullet

      List Your 10mm

      Sorry, the pic is turned. I guess it's the top left in that pic, the black one.
    5. 71silverbullet

      List Your 10mm

      Here's my ten 10mm's. None of them have ever jammed and no sights have fallen off. My favorite would be hard to narrow down, i guess it would just depend on what i wanted to do. Least favorite? That's easy, the 310 Nightguard (bottom left) . It hurts like a mofo when you shoot it.
    6. 71silverbullet

      The Ethanol Lie

      For use in your lawn equipment, ethanol is EXTREMELY easy to remove from gasoline. It's easy to remove for any use but, removing in large amounts would require more space and larger containers. It's really a simple as just adding water to the gas(seriously). There are many videos on this.
    7. 71silverbullet

      Moving a Gun Safe

      A dozen or so golf balls are really good for moving it across rooms on level surfaces. That's the way they moved mine through the house.
    8. 71silverbullet

      Cerakote a Revolver

      AllenM is in indy, he's a sponsor here. Can't beat his work.
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