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    • Hey, I have a question for you give classes on how to properly use scopes? I PM'd you a while back about a scope for my Rem 700 tactical, and I know the absolute basics on how to zero, but outside of that, I am clueless.
      Thanks for the rep... but seriously, you have a great business model... any fool should be able to see that.
      Not a problem at all; I wouldn't sweat it. Most members here know what you're about.
      Thanks for the rep. I had been looking at a single stage Challenger kit that was cost me over $200 by the time I bought everything and found this so I had to jump on it.
      Not sure how I got into this discussion, but I can't believe some of the things that are being said and I figured you needed a little back up.:)
      Thanks for the rep!
      Alan: My friend got into reloading about the time I got back in and sold my older Dillon. Tried to get him to buy the LNL. He bought a LEE 1000. And *****ed and moaned, then bought a LNL powder measure to run on the LEE, the ebayed the LEE and bought a LNL progressive. (he kept himself entertained for the winter!) I have other Dillon products and their service is topnotch. But I do like the bushing system on the LNL, and the ability to easily use the bushings/dies on the RCBS.
      I blew a disc and haven't been able to work. I am having financial trouble and hope that this rifle sells to help out. Pass the word if you think it is a worthwhile rifle. I am in trouble. Thanks, Dean
      Thanks, man. I can't see myself getting into the frenzy. Besides, another $50 I can make on mags is not worth it for me.
      You're welcome, however, thanks go to the post reporting system and the folks who pointed out what was going on. I just took some action.
      No problem. Hope it helps. It usually does, but let me know if I can be of any other assistance.
      Thanks for the rep and note. The review took a surprising amount of time to pull together. The shooting was fun. Loading videos not so much.
      Yeah, I have little love for CPS here, I rate them right up there with Beck's Seed.
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